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OK, Guys,

Clipper is my big idea and my grand experiment.
You know how you're always trying to find an old thread about a particular subject?
Well, Forrest started a thread called "New to grease? Start Here,"
basically trying to catalog some of those "FAQ" threads.

I just took some of Forrest's content and posted it here.

Trouble is, an INDEX of the FryBrid site can be a PITA for ANYONE to maintain.
So NO one has.

But if we ALL maintain it, it becomes a useful tool, right?

Well, that's what a WIKI does.
Any one of you can get on this page and write anything you want.
Any one of you can also get on this page and change or delete anything
that anyone else has written here.

Including anything you have just read, or that you are reading now.
Anything I just wrote. ANYTHING.

Any Bozos come along and post some crap, it's gone almost as soon as it's written.
Very self-regulating.
Very democratic, no?

OK. So I would like to lay a few ground rules.
I would like to ask that you not delete anything I have just written, explaining how this works.

Before you add a link, I would like to ask you to give some thought as to how to categorize it.
You can put the same link under as many topics as you want.

You can ADD as many categories or topics or sub-topics as you want.

Just try to stick with the general format:

CATEGORY - Heading 1 - Red

TOPIC - Heading 2 - Green

SUBTOPIC - Heading 3 - Black

I've "fleshed out" a few categories to maybe get us started.
PLEASE, take the ball and run with it.

Try to add a short explanation (in parentheses) of what they will find on the page,
such as: (Frybrid heated fuel line diagram)

OK? Oh, and one more nice, will ya?
Do not create a category about "thumping on Dana," OK?
He'll just erase it anyway.

Let's try to keep this a simple INDEX of technically USEFUL FryBrid Forum pages, OK?

Hope this works....Clipper

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System Diagrams

Converting the vehicle:

(see also "Tips & Tricks" below for Mercedes, VW, Cummins, Chevy/GMC, Ford - specific info )

One-Tank vs Two-Tank (The importance of viscosity and heat in system design)




Heated fuel line. (Frybrid Heated Fuel Line Diagram) (what type of tubing to run in a TIH) (Where to get parts for a TIH)

Ferrules (why to use plastic ferrules) ferrules (where to find plastic ferrules)

Heated fuel filter. (Frybrid Heated Fuel Filter) (Opinions on Davco and other heated filters) (How hot does the FryBrid heated filter get?)

Heat exchangers (FPHE's - Flat Plate Heat Exchangers) (Questions about FryBrid's FPHE capacity)


Electrical (Shows a simple circuit for a purge alarm)

Fuel level gauge

Fuel vacuum gauge. (where to put a vacuum gauge to monitor filter clogging) (more on vacuum gauge installation - mechanical vs electric)

Fuel temp gauge. (Installing multiple fuel temp sensors on one gauge) (Coolant temp vs VO temp at switchover)

Gathering & Processing Fuel:

Finding a source


Pumps (Tuthill Pumps and vacuum gathering)

Vacuum Gathering (Some simple sucker gathering designs) (Sucked 30 gals of SVO in 5 seconds??!!)

Settling, Heating, Filtering, Dewatering (The filtration page on the FryBrid site)

Crackle / Hot Pan Test (The FryBrid site "crackle test") (difference between the "Hot Pan" and the "Crackle" test) (crackle test no good if contaminated with diesel)

Microwave Water Test (A simple water test by weight, accuracy disputed)

Sandy Brae Water Test (discussion about using the Sandy Brae water test kit)

Centrifuging (SunWiz's experiences with stationary batch/barrel centrifuging) (Walexa's setup and CF'ing experiences) (Dieselcraft CF testimonials including SunWiz - specs at bottom) (DieselCraft model OC-20 installation instructions) (Installation/service instructions & specs for a Spinner ii Model 25 CF) (How a CF works, with a cutaway view)

Brand-Specific Conversion Tips & Tricks & Pics



Dodge Cummins